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Brief Introduction about the Organisation

The Civil Society Organization will be known as "North Eastern Buddhist Cultural Association” and in short N.E.B.C.A. Here the term North Eastern has been used to mean the entire North Eastern Region of India including Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Sikkim. It is worth mentioning here that the covering area of North Bengal leading to the State of Sikkim is also treated as the territorial jurisdiction of the Association. The main aim of the Association is to preserve, improve and initiate all round development of North Eastern regional cultural heritage and spread its rich culture to the entire World. In addition to its main objectives, there are few more important tasks are being covered by NEBCA. These are Child Protection & Development, Youth Development, Women Protection & Development, Education Development, Health Development, Conduction of Meditation Camp for Healthy life management, Anti Human Trafficking squad, Volunteering man power support during any natural calamities, Home for the orphans and poor’s, Home for the Old Age, Home for the Social deceased, Rehabilitation Centre for the Drug addict and Alcoholics, Indian Cultural Development, Inter-religion integration camps, Inter-cast integration camp, Sports and Activity Development, Science and Technological Development by conducting Vocational Training camps and Generation of Employments for the poor and Social deceased. The NEBCA will also take active part to foster unity among the various Ethnic groups living in the area mentioned above and to spread Gospels of Lord Buddha and the message of love, kindness, tolerances and purity of body and mind and also endeavoring to attain the cherished goal of fostering unity among mankind and lead them toward world peace and fraternity.

The sunrise in India starts with us. The NEBCA
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