Estd. 1992


(A North East India based Organisation having branches in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura and Mizoram)


Corporate Office: Sankardev Nagar, P. O. Maligaon, Guwahati, Assam Pin- 781011

Head Office: Niz Kodomoni, P. O. Boiragimath, Dibrugarh, Assam, Pin – 786003

Email: Phone & Fax: 0373-2325007

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(YEAR 2015 – 2016)

Respected Patrons / Members:It is our pleasure and indeed blessing of Lord Buddha that the North Eastern Buddhist Cultural Association alias NEBCA has completed the 23rd years of its services and have reached the present situation. Now, we have more than 2829 registered members out of which 130 Life members and 91 Donor members supporting us with great help and services. The Association has gone through many up’s and down phases but by the grace of God and unconditional support from all our members and patrons the Association has braved the odd with success and attained the present status with all support from members, devotes, Donors and also from the common people of North East India. We extend our gratefulness to all our donors, devotes and to all the people who is connected to us directly or indirectly. Lord Buddha Bless the Association for better human services.

The 22nd Annual report of North Eastern Buddhist Cultural Association (NEBCA) details its performances during the year are pursuing.

Aims and Objectives of the Association:

North Eastern Buddhist Cultural Association in short NEBCA has been formed on 2nd of July 1992 keeping its Registered Corporate Office at Sankardev Nagar, P.O. Maligaon, Guwahati, Assam and its Regd. Head Office at Niz Kodomoni, P.O. Boiragimath, Dibrugarh, Assam. The Association also has its Branch Offices in almost all the N.E. States of India adjutants to the Buddhist Monasteries.

The main objectives of the organization is to serve the people of N.E. India and to preserve, improve and initiate all round development of ethnic cultural heritage and preserve its rich culture to the entire jurisdiction of the association. In addition to its main objectives, there are few more important objectives are being covered by initiating Child Development and Welfare, Youth Development & Welfare, Women Development & Welfare, Welfare of disable person and children, Imparting Educational Camp in Low literacy Tribal Pocket, Health Development in interior places, Conduction of Meditation Camp for Eternal Peace and Harmony, Prayer Meeting for Global Peace, Volunteering man power support during any natural calamities, Home for the orphans and poor’s, Open Shelter for Street Children, Welfare for the Old Age, Home & Welfare for the Social deceased, Awareness Programme & De-addiction Centre (IRCA) for the Drug addict and Alcoholics, Cultural Development by initiating meditation camps, Inter-religion integration camps, Inter-cast integration camp, Youth Sports and Activity Development, Income generating programme by conducting Vocational Training camps and Welfare programme for working Children and Poor, Socially deceased and exploited children and woman.

The NEBCA will also take active part to foster unity among the various Ethnic groups living in the area mentioned above and to spread Gospels of Lord Buddha and the message of love, kindness, tolerances and purity of body and mind and also endeavoring to attain the cherished goal of fostering unity among mankind and lead them toward world peace and fraternity.

Brief History of NEBCA and its activity during 2015-2016:

The North Eastern Buddhist Cultural Association, alias “NEBCA” is a nongovernmental, non-profit making organization of North Eastern Region of India. It is established on 2nd of July 1992 with an intension for all round development of Buddhist Culture and its heritage. The Association also vowed for extending all kind of human development and fostering unity among mankind of various caste and creed of this region. The North East Region is basically tribal populated area with rich cultural heritage. The organization taken up many programme for the welfare of various tribes of the region. The Association has conducted free education for the tribal children, hostel facility for the poor students, Supply of books and stationeries, free medical camps for Both URBAN and RURAL people of our jurisdiction. The organization has conducted many activity camps for the youth and children, had conducted a integration camp of all religion, vocational training camp for women in handicraft and handloom.

Child Development Programme:

The NEBCA is conducting a free Education center for the tribal children for five years. It has also supplying books and stationeries to the poor students as every year. Free food and accommodation are provided to the poor student, free health checkup with the donations of the respected Patrons and well-wishers. There are 27 nos. of children accommodated under these scheme. The NEBCA is conducting the entire aforesaid project with its own fund collected from Membership Subscription, Donation and Gift Coupons of Cultural Shows conducted by our members and invitees.

Old age welfare Programme:

NEBCA has arranged free medical health center for the old aged citizen. It has also initiated activity camps for the old aged people Camp, Game and Sports among the various groups to encourage the old people and make them cared by society with sponsor from our respected Donors. The NEBCA has arranged Tennis Ball Cricket competition, Lodo, Chess, Carom, Table tennis etc. The Association had also arranged Counseling & Meditation Camps for the old people. The NEBCA has started an Old aged Multi Service Centre in Dibrugarh for the first time as on request from the old aged people took part in the events. There are total 56 members has joined the day care center this year. A proposal has been place before Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment for assisting the Day care center started this year for welfare of Old age people. An Old Aged Multi Service center was also proposed in the year 2015-16 in view of requirement for the Old aged but due to unknown reason the proposal has not been sent before the PSC by the Ministry of WCD as yet. Apart from that two more proposal has been sent and is still kept pending at the Ministry.

Programme on Welfare of Disability:

NEBCA has arranged different types of programme for the Welfare of Disability of the locality. It has conducted many activity & awareness camps for the beneficiaries and guardians of the disable person and children, Health Camps in its jurisdiction for identification of percentage of disability for providing Govt. ID and passbook. Arranged games & sports for the disables persons and children to build confidence among them. The NEBCA had also arranged Career Counseling Camps for the educated skilled & unskilled disable persons. The vocational training programme on Type writing and Computer operating training given to more than 100 beneficiaries successfully.

Women Empowerment Programme:

NEBCA has also arranged a Vocational Training Programme for the Tribal Women as before. They were given training for self-employment and income generation in poultry, animal husbandry, weaving and Handicraft trades. The Camps were held in both tribal populated Urban and Rural areas of our jurisdiction. There were total three nos. of vocational training camps conducted this year where 50 nos. of woman took part and benefited. This year the programme has been conducted in Arunachal Pradesh in Changlang district. The beneficiaries were provided Micro Finance from Financial Institution to start SHG and cooperative for a reliable production and profitable marketing.

Home for the Trafficked victims: Ujjawala home.

The NEBCA has continuing the Home for woman & Children for sheltering the human trafficked victims for care and maintenance as well as for social integration. The NEBCA has initiated this programme with four parts i.e. Prevention, Rescue, Rehabilitation & Re-integration. The NEBCA has conducted many awareness programmes in different areas as well as gathering many AGC from various part of Dibrugarh & Tinsukia district of Assam and also have formed six Community Vigilance Group for prevention and rescue of Trafficked Women and Children from Human traffickers. In this regards, we are glad to inform that the Ministry of Women and Child Development has supported our project in this regards and has given us the sanction of grant for Prevention, Rescue and Rehabilitation of Trafficked victims in 2015-16. We have successfully completed our task in rehabilitation of many trafficked victims and also have properly utilized the fund released under Ujjawala by the Ministry of Women & Child Development. Irregular release of fund causes difficulties to continue the wide range project especially in North East region of India due to restriction in fund raising due to insurgency activities.

Health for all:

The NEBCA has conducted 6 Nos. of Health Camps in Tribal populated interior places of Arunachal Pradesh at Kokila Block of Papumpare district. A huge nos. of man, women and children were given free health checkup and free medicine. This is our fifth year since we have started this health camps for the rural tribes as of previous years.

Meditation Camp:

The NEBCA with the help of Buddhist Monastery of N.E. Region has conducted as usual 12 nos. of meditation camps in its entire branch Offices for mental peace and harmony. The meditation camps were attended by a large nos. of Children, Youth and both men and women took part in it and benefited. This is our Eighth year of conducting such meditation camps.

Drug De-addiction Centre & Awareness Camp:

The NEBCA for the second time had conducted a Drug de-addiction Awareness camp in Dibrugarh/Tinsukia, Assam as a lot of children and youth getting into drug addicted & Alcoholic habit in these towns. These districts are the worst affected in consumption of drug and alcohol. As a part of the programme, we have conducted a few awareness building camps in various parts of these districts where a large nos. of youth and children took part. An anti-drug banner campaign also took place during this year. There were a great demand for a Drug de-addiction and de-alcoholism center in both Dibrugarh and Tinsukia town as a large nos. of youth & children are addicted by drug and alcohol. The fund has been reimbursed by the Ministry of Social Justice against IRCA has been completely utilized as per the guidelines of the Ministry for the year 2014-15 which was taken loan from general resources. The 2nd installment is still kept pending due to non-submission of monitoring report by the RRTC, Manipur.

Street/Working Children Open Shelter Centre:

The NEBCA has continuing the Street/Working Children Welfare Centre in Dibrugarh District of Assam. The NEBCA has accommodated 47 street and working children for the year 2015-16 in the Open Shelter in Dibrugarh and have continuing to provide all possible care out of the donation collected from its members and donors as before. The NEBCA has started serving the needy poor working children in Dibrugarh district of Assam. At this moment we have covered around 37 nos. of Street/Working children under this welfare scheme. An Open shelter Home has been applied under the ICPS project for both Boys and Girls separately in Dibrugarh and the SCPS (Assam) had conducted an interview where the Chairperson has assured us to continue our effort but the approval is still awaited apart from registration under J.J. Act which was applied for the third time through proper channel.

Rehabilitation Centre for Woman & Children : : A Swadhar Greh.

The NEBCA has started a Swadhar Home for women in difficult circumstances in Dibrugarh district with help and funding from the Ministry of Women & Child Development covering women from all caste and religion. Our proposal has been sanctioned by the Ministry of Women & Child Development for released grant for the year 2015-16 for maintenance of “Swadhar Home for 50 inmates”. So far we have been benefitted more than 135 nos. of women and 34 children in difficult circumstances recommended by the District Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Assam in Dibrugarh. A home has been approved by the PSC, Govt. of Assam for Tinsukia district as informed.

Tribal Development & Welfare Programme:

The NEBCA has already have stated an Open shed day School for educating the Tribal Children in Kokila block of Papumpare district of Arunachal Pradesh with its own fund. The participation is quite satisfactory as there are no facilities for these poor under developed tribal children for education. We re-applied for grant-in-aid from Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Govt. of India through Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh for a residential school for this remote place to encourage the tribal parents to send their children for a better educational environment and nutrition. We have conducted many Health camps in this region and have found that Malaria and Jaundice is a common disease in this tribal population and due to lake of proper treatment, the mortality rate is high. Considering the fact, we have started a village dispensary center in the region covering all the neighboring villages and decided to send a proposal for the same to the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Govt. of India through proper channel.

The NEBCA extending heart full of thanks and gratitude to different organizations such as Govt. departments, Govt. & Private institutions and its members and patrons who has shown their kindness and cooperation toward us while conducting certain programme under the Banner of NEBCA and have extended their unconditional help toward us. We would not have been able to successfully complete our Vocational training camps, Women income generation training camps, Drug De-addiction Centre, Working children Welfare Centre, Old age welfare Centre and the Health camp, rehabilitation center etc. without the support from all the aforesaid Organizations and Patrons. At last but not least we extend our heartiest respect to all the Buddhist Monasteries of N.E. Region, donors, Patrons and our all dedicated members for all kind of support and blessing toward our goal and achievements. We hope, we will continuously be able to get their (mentioned above) unconditional support and blessing in future. Lord Buddha Bless them all for their deeds.

Secretary General,

NEBCA, Assam